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Landscape Design:
Our company offers a full spectrum of landscape conceptual planting plan design services.  We work closely with our clients, creating custom and individual landscape designs. Site analysis and preliminary sketches define the form, while drafting the “scope of work” to include hardscape concepts and plant material layout, selection, hardscape material recommendations. Conceptual landscape plans are crafted through a series of meetings with the client/agent, allowing input and decision-making.

Custom plans are suited to clients’ preferences.  We create master plans that allow the implementation and installation to occur in phases.  Landscape plans are appropriate for contractor proposals and/or homeowners who are willing to do the installation themselves.

Sustainable Design:
Hire us for your sustainable landscape design. We provide green-minded contractor referrals, green materials, and sustainable planting plans that allow for habitat and environmental restoration. Custom designs that incorporate recycled materials, water conservation methods, sheet mulching, and Best Management Practices (BMP). We also provide plant material recommendations for bio-swale and rain garden designs.

Vegetable and Edible Garden Design:
Allow us to design a food garden that will supply your favorite edibles directly to your table. We have over 25 years experience in organic food and flower gardens.

Color Renderings:
Color brings the planting plans to life and lifts the concepts off the page, illustrating the beauty and texture of the proposed garden. Design review board committees and individual homeowners find that these artistic plans tell the story. Plans are customized using watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil.  

Photo Montage:
This is a digital photo process that enables us to add or subtract items in your landscape. Right before your very eyes, see the possibilities of adding permanent changes without taking the leap. Ever wonder if a tree is a good idea, or what hardscape materials blend in best with your style? We take a digital photo of your yard and create an image that becomes an instant visual aid to assist you in seeing the finished product—all before any work begins.

Plant Selection and Purchasing:
We provide plant selection and purchasing for the contractor or homeowner, obtaining plants that are discounted below retail prices. This allows us to locate and bring to you the finest quality plants available. Let our fingers and legs dothe walking. Hand-selected specimen plants are a specialty. The rare and unusual, as well as common, tried-and-true specimens, pose no problem. We’ll find the best for you. As a result of our resourcing with major wholesale and specialty nurseries throughout Northern California, we know our products and suppliers.

We follow the Landscape Architects Practice Act - Statutes and Regulations 5641, and only prepare drawings for conceptual design and placement of tangible objects and landscape features of plans, drawings and specifications for the selection, placement and use of plants for a single family dwelling. Construction documents, details and specifications or alterations of any site for grading or drainage shall be prepared by a licensed professional as required by law.

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